Friday, 6 July 2012

Chris Okotie's ex-wife Stephanie Henshaw opens up on broken marriage

Chris Okotie and ex-wife, Stephanie Henshaw

The ex-wife of the head of Household of God church has taken to Twitter, and on the social network she has opened up to the world what she says she believes was behind the breakup.

she said that jealously and hate from members of the church and people around her was the reason leading to the path between the two. She also said she never saw it coming but stressed that according to Roman 8:28, that "all things work for the good of those that love God and fear him."

She said God will vindicate her on this one and put hes accusers and those who riddicled her to shame. This are excerpt of hes tweet:

“All things are open before you, righteous
judge. I remain still, speak on my behalf. I
submit to the end. I did all I was asked to do,
Lord. I left the home blameless before you. I
have loved but have not been loved. I have
given and not received but that is contrary to
your word, Lord. So, today I ask your word be
made manifest in my life.”

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