Friday, 6 July 2012

Torrential rain hits UK and other cities of the World

Flooded area in Nigeria

There has been heavy down pour across UK in recent days, and this the Met center has said is likely to continue in coming days and so warns that residents in cities prone to flooding should brace up and being to look for alternative abodes.

What forecasters are saying could be the wettest day of the season, they say what could have been a months rain is what most cities of England could be getting today.

Areas that should get prepared for real flooding include Derbyshire, Lancashire,
South and West Yorkshire, Staffordshire,
Greater Manchester, Blackburn, Blackpool,
Warrington, Cheshire and Halton says Environmental agencies

This brings into view the weather stories that has been in the news in more recent days across the world, with flooding in major cities across the globe. Recent flood situations in the Metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria where one of the beaches in the city over flew its banks and caused some major damages having residents to move.

Also in the news are cities in India which has washed away houses and left residents with little or no shelter over their heads.

No Doubt all these are as a result of the lingering issue that seems to been over looked GLOBAL WARMING

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