Friday, 3 August 2012

Nigeria ranks Fifth as Africa's least Peaceful State

Peace and Crisis

In an annual interval the Global Peace Index ranks countries of the world among the most and least peaceful. On the continent of Africa in this years' edition , Nigeria is placed fifth on the least peaceful while Ghana is stocked as the fifth most peaceful in this part of the globe.

This is how it stands for 2012:

Most Peaceful Countries:

1. Mauritius

2. Botswana

3. Mozambique

4. Namibia

5. Ghana

Least Peaceful Countries:

1. Somalia

2. Sudan

3. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

4. Central African Republic (CAR)

5. Nigeria

The indices used by the organization to rank countries, makes the ranking quite interesting as it takes into considerations of Political, Social, Economic, and other factors. No doubt with these countries listed on the Least peaceful always into crisis every now and then, the stats speaks for its self.

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