Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nigerians sues Oil giant Shell

Four villagers from the affected part of the oil spillage that devastated the land of the Goi community have sued oil exploration giant Shell. The villagers say that as a result of the spillages, their lands, water systems and environment have become a ghost land, and the least they could as for is total clean up and compensation. Shell on its on part has said that it has done a clean up on the entire communities affected by the spills. It went further to say that the spills were as a result of sabotage on its pipelines from members of the affected communities. The oil giant also made known, that a total of 150,000 barrels were being lost daily to sabotage on its facilities resulting to about $6 Billion yearly. The Nigerian government has not said or done anything meaningful as regards to the cleanup and compensation for members, farmers and inhabitants of the affected communities, this explains why these villagers are standing up for themselves as the government seems to have left them to their faith. The villagers are not alone on this as Friends of the Earth are also helping them in their claims

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