Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Syria Tortures Detainees, Reports.

Syria Torture Centers
A report, 81 pages by the Human Rights Watch based in New York, some 15,000 people have been killed since the demonstration began against the
jets on its border.

Bashar al-Assad led regime in March 2011 says the opposition.

The Syrian government haven announced on Monday, new penalties for crimes seen as terrorist crimes against the nation, after the president declared last week that Syria is in a real war situation.

HRW emergencies researcher, Ole Solvang said that

the Syrian intelligence agencies are overseeing a group of Islands of torture centers all dispatched across the country

According to Human Rights Watch, former detainees have described procedures and methods, locations of detention centres

These evidences shows that the Syrian intelligence agencies employs systematic torture and ill treatment that makes up crimes against humanity, have been piled out in a report which will serve as a basis for future prosecutions activists say.

Refering Assad or members of his regime to the International Criminal Court requires a request by the UN SECURITY COUNCIL, Russia and China have blocked this call, though Britain and other western governments have how ever warned repeatedly that the Syrian goverment will be held accountable.

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