Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Urgent Meeting: Action Group for Syria

Kofi Annan has called for a meeting in Geneva come Saturday 30th March 2012, this meeting will focus on identifying steps and measures that will help implement his seemingly failing six point plan, which includes an immediate cease of violence of all forms.

If the meeting goes ahead to hold it will be interesting to see the participation of Russia and China, two members of the UN Security Council. Amongst those invited to attend include; Turkey, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait from the Arab League. But not so surprisingly absenl is Iran. US and UK insisted it could not take part owing to its supportive relationship with Syria, this stance by the US and the UK may mean other absences, that however remains to be seen.

A Syrian led political transition which will be an answer to the aspiration of the Syrian people, and agreeing on plans that will make this a reality will be on the front burner.

Sudden breakthrough is least expected and better idea on how to resolve this crisis seems to be elusive

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